Year-End Client survey



Client Survey

  • Choose which type of survey you'd like to send depending on the type of client and whether they use accounting software

    • Sole Trader / Individual​

    • Company

    • Family Trust

    • Trading Trust

    • Partnership

  • You can send multiple surveys - say your client who has a company also has a family trust.

  • To make things easier for your client, you should only include the sections of the survey that apply to them. To do this, when you click Share, you can untick the sections that you don't want to send - for example, you can untick "Stock" if your client does not sell goods.

  • You can also pre-answer questions that you already know the answer to, or N/A certain questions that you know won't apply. You can even add additional comments for your client.

  • Once they've completed the survey, the system will notify you.

  • You can also send the home office costs survey (if you haven't already got this information), as well as the residential rental property survey.  



  • This is an annual job, so you'll have the option of rolling it over for next year. This is a good option as it'll save you time next year as you'll be able to "Bring Forward" answers. To do this, just click the Rollover and Generate PDF button to the left handside.

  • On rollover, the system will archive this year's work, and the workpaper is ready to go for next year.

  • You can access prior year's in the left-hand menu of the job.

  • When you come back to it next year, simply work down and click "Bring Forward" for each step. Or if you'd like to change the answer, then simply answer the question with the new answer.