Trust ANNUAL COmpliance & Administration


Annual work only

  • This template is for annual trust administration - not a compliance review. If you'd like to conduct a compliance review on the trust, please start a new job and use the Trust Initial Compliance Review template. If you are doing a compliance review, then you won't need to do the annual administration until the following year, as standard annual trust minutes are included in the compliance review.

  • When you have rolled-over the Trust Initial Compliance Review job, you can then edit the job to become a Trust Annual Compliance and Administration job.

  • You'll then be able to bring-forward your client's answers and attachments from the prior year (all prior year's files are accessible in the left-hand menu of the job).

Send the new client the survey 

  • Bring forward the prior year's survey and then send the client the new survey - the new survey will ask them if there have been any changes in the past 12 months and other information which should be included in the annual trust minutes.

  • When this is completed by the client, you'll get a notification.

  • You may choose to pre-answer or edit some of the questions to better suit your client. See Send Client Survey.


Standard Annual Trust Minutes

  • Automatically generate the trust minutes for editing. We have included some standard items in these minutes which you'll need to review and remove or edit to suit based on the information provided by your client. You may also need to add items. You can do this by clicking on Customise/Edit and then click the pencil icon in the section you'd like to edit. If you'd like to make substantial changes and change the formatting, we recommend you use the Copy to Clipboard function and then paste it into Word for editing. If you choose this option, you should upload the finished Word doc to the workpaper so it's kept with the files.


  • This is an annual job, so you'll have the option of rolling it over for next year. This is a good option as it'll save you time next year as you'll be able to "Bring Forward" answers. To do this, just click the Rollover and Generate PDF button to the left hand side.

  • On rollover, the system will archive this year's work, and the workpaper is ready to go for next year.

  • You can access prior year's in the left-hand menu of the job.

  • When you come back to it next year, simply work down and click "Bring Forward" for each step. Or if you'd like to change the answer, then simply answer the question with the new answer.