TOOLS & Templates

From start to finish, Aro Assistant's range of interactive and responsive tools make compliance work easy.

Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

Work through the steps to establish whether you need to submit a CRS disclosure to IRD on behalf of your client.

Residential Rental Interest Deductibility Report Tool

Produce a report to discuss with your clients with rental properties how the new tax rules for residential rentals will impact them.

Tax on sale of Property

Be guided through the relevant legislation to determine whether the profit from your client's sale of property is taxable income.


Use this tool for testing for solvency and depending on the outcome, produce the relevant documentation/letters.

Trust Compliance Review

Help your clients comply with the Trusts Act 2019 (effective 30 January 2021) and improve the annual administration

Privacy Act 2020 Compliance

Help your clients comply with the Privacy Act 2020 - a client survey with helpful links and information including a generic privacy policy they can adopt.

Residential Rental Property

Send clients who own a residential rental property to gather the information required and keep track of any residential ring-fenced losses.

Companies Administration

Workpapers for annual administration as well as share transfers and change of company name.

Remove Company from Register

Walk through the process to de-register a company from the Companies Office register, including the templates for required documentation.

Forming a Company

Step-by-step process for incorporating a company for your clients, including steps to perform CDD if required.

AML Practice Records

Use to record CDD, reports, annual reviews to rollover each reporting period and export for annual reporting and audits.

End of Year

Data Collection

Collect the required data from your client with a survey which allows them to answer your questions and attach files. 

Lead Generator & Marketing

Generate new leads with one of our many lead generator letters to clients, as well as a range of marketing tools such as monthly newsletters and explanatory videos.

Dividend Workpaper

A workpaper for declaring dividends including all the required documentation such as solvency certificate, resolutions and dividend statements.

In development...

We're not done yet. Our team are constantly working to add more tools and templates to the mix.


Currently in development are:

  • Tax on cryptocurrency

  • Estate planning

  • Trust wind up

We'd love to hear from you - what tools or templates would you like to see in Aro Assistant? Let us know!