Share Transfer


Shareholder Continuity

  • Follow the links in this step to see if there are shareholder continuity implications to consider. 

  • Shares being transferred to an employee at below market value, will have FBT implications. 

Share Transfer Form

  • Completing the form for your client to transfer the shares,  is managing an asset and could be considered a captured activity. This will require customer due diligence (CDD) prior to doing the work. However, if you provide the form to your client for completing, then they are doing the transfer, and you will simply update it with the Companies Office for them.

  • If you are required to conduct CDD, use the AML Customer Due Diligence workpaper as prompted.

  • Create the share transfer form and resolution document - you can customise/edit this (don't forget to click the pencil icon) or copy to clipboard for pasting into Word.

  • If you say that "the client does not have a share & interest register", the system will allow you to download a Share & Interest Register word template. Once you've edited it, save it and upload to the workpaper.