Set up employee / contractor in payroll


Register with IRD

  • If the client isn't already an employer, you'll need to register for an EMP account with IRD. As this can take a few days for IRD to process, you should do this early on so that payday filing can be processed on time. 

  • To register, log in to MyIR and find your customer - make sure you're not in any of their specific tax accounts (i.e. GST or Income Tax). Click More > Register client for a new tax account and go from there.

  • If there is no bank account registered with IRD, it may ask you to upload an IR997. This is not required, and you can skip this by going to the next step.

Sending the client survey

  • To get all the information you need to set the employee/contractor up, send the client survey. The survey is for your client to fill out, not the employee.

  • Use the Employee survey if you are setting up an employee

  • Use the Contractor survey if you are setting up a contractor

  • Send one survey per person, you can send as many surveys as you need to within this workpaper

  • To minimize the work for your client, the survey only asks them to fill in the information that you need. The employee or contractor's name, address, tax code and IRD number will all be contained in the IRD forms that they upload, so they aren't required to type it into the survey.

  • There are links in the survey for the client to download the required IRD Forms: IR330, IR330C, KS10, KS2

  • If the employee is not a Kiwisaver Member, they won't be required to fill out any KS forms. If this is the case, the survey will prompt your client to fill in the contact details for that employee (as the KS form is where you would get the employee's address).

  • If you already know some of the answers, you can pre-answer these questions prior to sending the client survey.

Authorising transfer of funds

  • If you make the wage payments for your client then AML obligations apply (managing funds). If you only set up the wage payment, but the client then needs to authorize the payment to go out, then this is not considered as a captured activity.