Client Survey

  • Send one survey per property. You'll be able to create multiple surveys for sending - however this does mean your client will get multiple links.

  • The survey gives your client the option of uploading their own spreadsheet or if they don't have one, the survey will populate questions regarding rent received and expenses.


Property Information

  • The address won't auto-fill from the client's survey. This is intentional, as there may be multiple properties/surveys. You'll need to type in the property address yourself. We recommend you enter the whole address on one line (11 Address Place, Suburb, City).

  • Pressing enter will bring up a new text field for each additional property.

  • The step regarding losses refers to the entire portfolio - not each individual property. 

  • If your client has multiple property portfolios, you'll need to create a new job using the Residential Rental Property template for each portfolio.

  • You can download and/or update the Residential Rental Ring-fenced Losses spreadsheet for keeping track of the ring-fenced losses (excess deductions) carried forward.


  • This is an annual job, so you'll have the option of rolling it over for next year. This is a good option as it'll save you time next year as you'll be able to "Bring Forward" answers. To do this, just click the Rollover and Generate PDF button to the left handside.

  • On rollover, the system will archive this year's work, and the workpaper is ready to go for next year.

  • You can access prior year's in the left-hand menu of the job.

  • When you come back to it next year, simply work down and click "Bring Forward" for each step. Or if you'd like to change the answer, then simply answer the question with the new answer.