Send letter of engagement

  • The letter of engagement states the purpose of the report which should be made clear to the client. The purpose is to produce a report as a discussion document, and are only estimations based on the information they've supplied. In order to edit the letter, click Customise/Edit at the bottom right, then click on the pencil icon of the section you would like to edit.


Client Survey

  • Share the survey with your client. They may have already supplied you with some of the information (i.e. the bank statement for the mortgage for 2021), in which case you can answer those steps yourself prior to sending (if you think this will make it easier for your client). For the less tech-savvy, you could go over the survey with them on the phone and input their answers yourself. When the survey has been marked as completed, you'll get an email notification.

Property Calculator Spreadsheet

  • This is the main engine of the tool. Click the button to download, then click the link to open the document and enable editing. Save this copy to your local drive to work on. You can access the client survey to transfer the data into the input tab of the spreadsheet. Once all the information is in, the following tabs will have populated themselves for your review.

  • Blue cells are for your input. Orange cells contain formulas but may be overwritten.

  • Once you have reviewed each tab and reached the Final Report - you can make any little changes you'd like. Adding columns or rows may affect the print area so you may need to make adjustments. This tab is unprotected so it can be edited as you please. When you're ready, print the report tab to export into a PDF for sending. You can also choose to print any of the other tabs (ensure you adjust the print area first) to include with the report. 


Residential Rental Interest Deductibility Report Tool