Compliance with the Privacy Act 2020


Who does the Privacy Act apply to?

  • Every business that collects and holds personal information about other people has to comply with the Privacy Act. This includes holding information about employees. We'll refer to these businesses as "an agency" from here (this is the same language the Privacy Act uses).

Letter of Engagement

  • This may be an additional service you charge your client for - if so, there is the option of sending them the Letter of Engagement. 

Client Survey

  • Every agency is required by law to appoint a Privacy Officer, and this Privacy Officer will have certain responsibilities as outlined in the link.

  • The Privacy Commissioner have created an amazing e-learning platform to help educate agencies about their obligations under the Privacy Act - a link to this is made available to your clients in the client survey and their Privacy Officer should complete it.

  • The survey also links them to a Privacy Statement Generator.

  • If the client does not have a privacy policy in place, the survey will let them download a generic one to work from.