Certain jobs may require partner review before it's concluded. We've incorporated a partner review step in every template - if a partner review is not required, simply answer NO to the question and conclude the job. If a partner review is required, then answer YES and a new step will open up for confirming the review has been completed. 

partner review.png

If the partner is satisfied with the work, they simply click COMPLETED which will allow the user to conclude the job. Alternatively, the partner can choose to FOLLOW UP and add comments and then assign the follow-up to a certain user. This can be done on any of the steps in the workpaper. Note: for users to show in the drop-down list, you'll need to add them to the Users of this job (left-hand side bar).

follow up.png

This is what the user who has been assigned to the follow-up will see. They can add further comments, or tick it when they've addressed it. The left-hand side bar will also summarise the number of uncompleted follow ups. A job cannot be concluded until these follow-ups are addressed.

follow up2.png