Features & Benefits

Aro Assistant guides you through your decision-making process and gives you access to interactive and responsive tools designed to engage with your clients, add value and take you step-by-step through your compliance work with ease.

We are accountants too, and we recognized that our business would benefit from a system like Aro Assistant. A system that:

  • Creates opportunities to generate extra revenue streams and takes into consideration if a fee should be charged for the extra work

  • Standardizes and streamlines the routine procedures, as well as those not-so-routine tasks, that we so often find ourselves having to re-learn to do - because we don't do it often enough to remember how

  • Improves the quality of our work and advice to our clients and produces something tangible that we can deliver to the client which demonstrates the value we've added

  • Fills the marketing gap

  • Is a simplified affordable solution that fits with our business, and is easy to implement with minimal set up and no training required

Simplified Compliance

As accountants, we know that for our business to be sustainable, we need to assist our clients to be compliant.


Non-compliance will ultimately lead to problems. If you ignore the non-compliance in one part of your work, while assisting compliance in another, are you being the professional you want to be?

By assisting compliance, you are preserving the customers' assets - that is worth something. Too often as professionals we do not charge for the additional valuable services and advice we provide.

What is the value that you add?  What should you charge?


How often do you have clients asking you for advice outside the scope of the agreed work? And how often do you give them the answer...for free?

We need to systematically record sufficient information and successfully provide initial guidance to the routine questions that arise. Some of these questions can be answered in a standard way, others may need to be referred to a specialist. We need to provide guidance that is fit for purpose.

Find out how Aro Assistant can meet these needs with our Tools & Templates

"It is not just a library of static templates for downloading.

Aro Assistant is interactive and responsive software" 


Multiple users - multiple simultaneous users


Connect with your clients -  directly send your live surveys and checklists to gather data.


Tools / Templates - guides the user through the steps, ensuring a paper-trail and better quality control.


Tangible deliverables - automatically produce reports for your clients, 

web based.png

Web-based - Access anytime and anywhere. Remote working will no longer be an issue.


Secure storage - Ability to attach files to your work and safely store in the cloud.

Audit Assistant.png

Powered by Audit Assistant - Audit Assistant is a platform that has been around for over 10 years and is the trusted platform Aro Assistant has chosen to partner with.