Editing a Document

When you create a document in your workpaper, information from the workpaper will feed into the document (highlighted blue). Any highlighted yellow text needs to be edited. To do this you click Customise/Edit.

doc menu.png

Once you click Customise/Edit you'll need to click the pencil icon to edit each section. Once you've made your tweaks, click Save. You can also Delete whole sections.

You can move entire sections or add new sections by using the arrows next to the pencil icon.

doc edit.png

In the bottom right menu, there is also the option to Copy to Clipboard. You can now paste the document into Word. We recommend you use this method if you'll be making a lot of changes to the document or would like to use your company letterhead (and not the type of letterhead which the system produces for you). You should also attach a copy of the word document to the workpaper for record keeping.

The same menu is where you can Print Page (PDF) to export it to a PDF for sending.

doc menu.png

Back in the workpaper where you created the document, you can click the pencil icon next to the link to bring up options to:

  • Edit the document name

  • Change the page orientation

  • Show/Hide the header when printing

  • Show/Hide page numbers

  • Use firm letterhead (if available). The account owner can upload a company logo to be used as the letterhead for these documents.

  • Delete the document.

edit doc settings.png

Editing a Document