Dividend Calculator

When a company is about to declare a dividend, the amount of the dividend must be considered. Use the excel Dividend Calculator:

  • If you're working from a net dividend amount, enter this in the spreadsheet and it will calculate the gross dividend (and vice versa)​

  • Enter the Balance of Net Revenue Reserves. If the net dividend exceeds this balance, a warning will appear "Net dividend exceeds revenue reserves, adjust or consult an expert"

  • If the company will not pass a solvency test after the dividend, a warning will appear to "Consult an expert"

  • Note, the credit ratio and RWT rate can both be modified in the spreadsheet

  • Amend the ICA balance date and enter credit balance as a negative (-). That is, if there are imputation credits available to attach to the dividend. For more information about imputation credits, refer to IRD's guide.


  • Once the numbers have been calculated using the spreadsheet, these are entered in the next steps so they can be automatically fed through to all the required documentation such as Dividend Statements, Director's Resolution and Solvency Certificate.

  • Please read each step carefully, as some will be asking for the amount per share, and some areas will be asking for the total gross or net dividend.

  • Up to 5 different shareholder dividend statements can be automatically created. If you require more than 5, you'll need to manually edit a statement.



Imputation Credits IRD Guide