Customising Templates / Workpapers

There are two levels of customisation you can do:

  • Customising a template, so the changes are made across all jobs assigned with that template

  • Customising an individual workpaper or survey (a one-off)


Customising Templates
You can tweak templates to better suit the way your practice works. Go to the Templates menu and then click the little customise icon. This will create a duplicate template and brings up the below window where you can rename the Template, Description, Aim, and whether the templates is an annual, periodic or one-off. Then click Save. The system will only allow you to customise a duplicate, so you don't have to worry about losing any original templates.

customise template.png

Click into the new template you've just made, and then click into the workpaper. Click Customise in the bottom right.

customise menu.png

Once you're in customising mode, use the arrow icon to open up a step for editing (click the pencil icon to edit), or the X to delete a step - make sure you click save.

The bottom right menu gives you the option to View Original. Clicking on Make Unique will separate your customised template from the original template (if you don't make it unique, any changes to the original template by Aro Assistant can flow onto your customised version.) Click on Options in order to edit the workpaper title and conclusion message. Remove Customisation will strip any custom changes you have made.

custmoise buttons.png

To retain your changes, you'll need to Publish Changes back at the top of the screen. You can choose to add notes regarding your changes. 

customise publish.png

Customising Individual Workpapers / Surveys
You can choose to tweak individual workpapers and surveys - this is a good option if you just want to change something to suit a particular client. When you are in the workpaper that you'd like to customise, click on the Customise menu.

customise workpaper.png

Click on Start Customising - this will bring up some instructions for customising. 

customise instructions.png

If you'd like to edit a step, click the pencil icon. If you'd like to remove a step, click on the X.

You can also shift the order of steps by dragging and dropping the move icon. Remember to click Save after you're done. You can also change the type of answer you'd like: Yes/No, Text etc. There are a list of options, however we recommend you stick with Yes/No, Yes/No/Not Applicable or Text. If you think your client will want to write on multiple lines, make sure you tick the Respawner tickbox, this will ensure a new text field pops up when they hit enter.

customise edit.png

There's no need to Publish the workpaper (like you do when you're customising a template). Next, see how you can share this survey with your client for answering.


Customise a Workpaper


Customise a Template