That's Incorrect.

There is a presumption in s 51 of the Trusts Act that trustees must make basic trust information available to every beneficiary or representative of a beneficiary.


“A trustee is required to consider at reasonable intervals whether the trustee should be making the basic trust information available" 

Trusts Act, s 51 4


“However, the trustee is not required to apply to the court for directions if: 

(a) the period during which no beneficiary has any trust information is less than 12 months; and
(b) at the end of that period, the trustee gives to at least 1 beneficiary of the trust the basic trust information.”
Trusts Act, s 54(3)

Source: Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law*

For more in-depth information, download Trusts Act 2019 PDF supplied by Vicki Ammundsen Trust Law

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