Conclude Job and Rollover

Once all the steps have been answered or N/A the job can be concluded by clicking on Conclude Page. You will not be given the option to conclude, untill all the steps have been addressed - either answered or marked as N/A.


If there are still pending shares, this will also prevent you from concluding the job (you can delete these by clicking the pencil icon to the left). Look out for the red arrow which highlights steps that need completing or N/A.

However, you can "force N/A" all unanswered steps by clicking on the green arrow. To Unconclude a job, click on the same green arrow to bring up this option.

red unanswered.png

If the work is annual you can choose to click Rollover & Generate PDF in the left hand menu. This will archive your workpaper and rollover a job ready for next year's work. This option will mean less work next year as you can carry-forward answers from previous years. You can also click on Print/Export Client to export the workpaper and their documents to either a PDF document or a zip file.

At the bottom of the left hand menu shows the Users who have access to this job - this is only applicable if the account owner has turned on "Users can only see assigned jobs" (In the Account Menu, which only the account owner/ user admins have access to - the account owner is the person who initially signed up.)

conclude rollover.png

Finalisation and Rollover is a one way process and will create a PDF file containing the finalised workpapers. It then rolls over the workpaper, ready for next year. You will be able to access the past years in the left hand side bar.

finalisation and rollover.png

When rollover is in progress, please do not exit the screen.

rollover in progress.png

When it comes time the following year to do the work, you have the option to Bring Forward any steps from the previous year, or completing the step with a different answer.

bring forward.png