Annual Company Administration


Letter of Engagement

  • This type of work may be bundled in with existing fees, however if it's not, you can send a letter of engagement outlining the fee for the work.


Client Survey

  • Sending the client survey is also optional, you may already have all the information you need to complete the work. If this is the case you can N/A this step (by clicking the N/A icon)

  • To save your client time, you can also pre-answer some of the questions for them.

  • Where you see [...] means that information will be fed through from the corresponding question in the survey. If the question isn't answered e.g. there have been no changes to the registered address, then it'll remain [...]


New directors

  • ​If a new director has been appointed and this hasn't already been updated with the Companies Office, you'll need your client to sign the consent forms for you to submit.

Changes in Shareholding

  • If you need to complete a share transfer, you'll need to create a new job for your client using the Share Transfer template.



  • You will have the option of creating various resolutions:

    • AGM Minutes / Written resolution​

    • Appointment of Company Director

    • Resignation of Director letter

    • Share & Interest Register

  • If you say that "the client does not have a share & interest register", the system will allow you to download a Share & Interest Register word template. Once you've edited it, save it and upload to the workpaper. 


  • This is an annual job, so you'll have the option of rolling it over for next year. This is a good option as it'll save you time next year as you'll be able to "Bring Forward" answers. To do this, just click the Rollover and Generate PDF button to the left handside.

  • On rollover, the system will archive this year's work, and the workpaper is ready to go for next year.

  • You can access prior year's in the left-hand menu of the job.

  • When you come back to it next year, simply work down and click "Bring Forward" for each step. Or if you'd like to change the answer, then simply answer the question with the new answer.

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