Sending a client survey

When you've reached the step to send the client survey - click on the link to open the client survey. 

client survey.png

If you already know some answers, you can pre-answer them on your client's behalf. You can also tweak any questions to better suit your client. To do this, click Customise in the bottom right menu (for more detailed instructions see Customise Templates / Workpaper). Once you're ready to share the survey with your client, click Share.

survey menu.png

You'll then be able to choose which sections of the survey you'd like to send the client. Enter the client's name and email. There are two options for sending the survey:

  • Once you click Add, a Copy Link window will pop up. This allows you to copy then paste the link into your email to the client, allowing you to send the survey link from your email address. This is the preferred method.

  • If "Automatically send this link to the user" is checked an email from the system will automatically send the link to your client. It will open a window where you can type a message to include in the email. However choosing this method means the email will come from the system and is more likely to end up in their junk folder and be mistaken as spam by your client.

Click on Back to A1...(bottom right) to return to the original workpaper.


This is what your client will see when they click the link. All they need to do is click Continue and they have live access to the Client Survey - no need to create accounts or log in.

survey link.png

Your client doesn't need to complete the survey in one go. They can come back to it by clicking Save & Exit at the bottom. And once they're done they click Mark as Completed. This should be mentioned in your email to the client.

Once they're completed it, the system will notify you by email you so you can continue on with the work. The email will contain a handy link back to the survey so you can review your client's answers. You can also always access the survey by clicking the original link contained in the workpaper, or accessing it via the Index (top header).

survey buttons.png

Sending a Client Suvey