Change Company Name


Current and New Company Name

  • The current and new company name will auto-fill based on what's answered in the client survey - confirm that this is correct. If it's not correct, answer No and type in the correct name.

  • If you do have to correct it, you'll also need to manually edit any documents you create - such as the director's resolution (or you can edit the answer in the client survey so that it does feed automatically through to documents).

  • Although the client survey tells the client to do a name check, it would be sensible for you to conduct one too prior to reserving the company name.


Changes to address, director / shareholder details

  • As with the company name, if there are any changes in details, they will feed through from the client survey. If you see [...] this means the client hasn't give any change of details. 

Authority - Companies Office

  • You may already have authority, but if not, you'll need to request it. There are a few methods to choose from:

    • Director Identification - entering the director's NZ passport of Driver licence into the system. This is by far the quickest and easiest method if you already have their ID on hand.

    • Letter of Authorisation - Download the prescribed form for signing (by yourself and the director of the company). This may take up to three working days to process.

    • Company Key - this option isn't available for all companies. If a company was incorporated before June 2010, it may have a company key. If so, you can use this key to confirm authority instantly. If your client has forgotten what the company key is, they can use the Companies Office's automated service to retrieve it (although it may be simpler to use one of the other two methods).

Director's Resolution

  • Once you've gained authority and completed the name change in the Companies Office, a director's resolution should be produced. Again, a lot of the information should feed through from the workpaper / client survey, but if you see [...] this means the step wasn't filled out. You can either locate the step to fill it out, or it may be quicker to just Customise/Edit the document. Remember to click the pencil icon of each section you'd like to edit, and save when you're done.