Using Calculators


  • The calculators are created from Excel, so you'll need to have this installed in order to use them.

  • Only enter data into the shaded cells

  • The sheets are protected so you shouldn't be able to change any locked cells, this is to protect the formulas. However if you do wish to unprotect the sheet to customise the spreadsheet, you're welcome to contact us and we can give you the password.

  • The calculators are designed to automatically change certain parameters depending on the tax year you're using it for:

    • Tax Calculator: will automatically update the provisional tax threshold depending on the year, as well as each provisional tax instalment.‚Äč

    • Dividend Calculator: you can change the RWT 

    • Interest on Beneficiary / Shareholder Account Calculators: The PIR for each month will automatically update depending on the financial year you enter. There is also the ability to override the $25,000 beneficiary loan threshold so that interest is charged regardless.


Using Calculators


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