Adding a User - permission levels

To create a new user go to Users in the left hand menu and click the New User button. Enter their details and choose the appropriate role.


If you would like this user to be able to manage other users and change account settings, please make sure you check the box. You can either tick Generate new password and email to user which means the system will generate a unique password and automatically send it to them, or you can create a password for them. Either way, once they log in, they can change their password once they log in My Profile.

add user.png

Roles and their permission levels:

  • Limited User: can only complete workpapers in jobs which have been assigned to them (a user is assigned to a job in the left hand menu of each job)

  • Standard User: As well as the above, they can create/view jobs and create custom pages.

  • Manager: As well as the above they can create review notes.

  • Partner: As well as the above they can conclude jobs which are set to require partner sign-off.

  • User Admin: ticking this box means the user can manage other user accounts and account settings

  • Peer Reviewer: Like a Limited User but they can add review notes.

  • Suspend User: used to disable the user temporarily.

  • Account Owner: this is the person who initially signed up 


Adding and Managing Users