Account Settings - Logo, Details and security

Account settings can only be accessed by the Account Owner and users with have been granted User Admin. 

Only they will have the Account menu showing in the left hand menu. From here they can click Edit Details in order to change information about the practice. Or access the Client Cost Report in the bottom right footer.

Account Edit Details.png

The Client Cost Report gives an overview of

  • Active jobs

  • Archived jobs

  • Logged in Users

  • User Limit

  • Storage

Account client cost.png

The account owner/user admin can change or upload the company logo to be used in documents and letterheads in the Account menu, Graphics/Letterhead tab. Refer to the tips included for correct sizing. For the letterhead logo, it's best to align the logo to the right, leaving some blank space to the left for text in PDFs to overlay.

Account add logo.png

The Account menu is also where Security settings can be set by the account owner/user admin, they can choose to turn on/off these settings:

  • Require new passwords to be strong

  • Enable a two-factor login when a user logs in using a new device

  • Enable login warning emails for when a new device is detected

  • Use Googles reCAPTCHA to check if users are human before allowing login

  • Set timeout period (system will log out after inactivity of minutes set).

  • Enable Strict Review Mode

  • Users can only see assigned jobs - if this is selected, each time a job is created, the users need to be assigned (in the left hand menu of each job)

Account Security.png